Saturday, 27 March 2010

Are you left pregnant and alone?

Sandra Bullock has reportedly been said to have been pregnant by husband Jesse James. Jesse cheated on his beautiful, sweet Sandra with a tattoo covered woman. Sandra must be feeling in bits, absolutely devasted. Have you been cheated on, to make it worse have you been cheated on and pregnant? What will you do, how can you cope? Well don't fret, here are a few tips to help you cope with the situation:

1. Develop a good support system. Find people that you trust and can help you along.
2. Talk to other people who are pregnant so you know your not alone.
3. Take a childbirth class with a good friend. It will be more fun with your friend than serious with a partner.
4. Look to the future, its bright! So don't worry, you will have a lovely little baby who you will love and adore.

Was it only yesterday that your children were little?

This is what i thought when i seen this picture of Dakota Fanning. I couldn't believe how much see has grown up! It does only feel like yesterday that she was such a small child but look at her now. Is this how you feel about your own children? Are you worried about your children going off to college or university. Here are a few tips to help you cope with the feelings you may feel;

1. You will probably have alot more time on your hands so take up a hobby like cycling or even walking.

2. Make the most of your new freedom, go on holiday, do those things you've waited so long for.

3. Blast your old school music as loud as you can, you now have no one saying, 'Turn that old music off!'

4. Teach your children before they go how to wash clothes, cook and clean. This will help you feel alot better that you have passed on your years of knowledge.

Feel like your leading a double life?

Miley Cyrus does which is why she said that she is quitting her role as Hannah Montana. She said to Parade magazine that she is going to rejoice not having to play someone else anyone and she can't wait just to be herself.

It is not only popstars that feel like there trying to be someone else. Sometimes you just have to let go and be yourself :) So here are a few wee tips to try and help you let go;

1. Try and notice when you feel confident and when you don't, who are you around, what are you doing?

2. Share your weaknesses with someone you trust so that they can give you helpful advice so that you can become a better person.

3. Listen to what you tell yourself. Are you calling yourself fat and ugly, STOP! Constantly reassure yourself and tell yourself what your good at.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kate Winslet splits from husband!! How to cope with moving house?

Kate Winslet has recently split from her husband Sam Mendes and she might be moving back to the UK. Moving house can be very stressful especially after spliting up from your husband. You need to make sure not to make rash decisions.

Here are a few steps to help you own your way to a new home and new life;

1. Be organised
2. Keep a daily planner to help you along the way.
3. Label boxes according to their new location
4. Designate tasks and get people in to help
5. Attend to your emotional needs.
6. Say good-bye
7. Talk about your feelings with someone you trust
8. Continue to take car of yourself, therefore eat a well balanced diet and get plenty of sleep.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Baby Joy, Jamie Oliver and Sara Cox

Sara Cox, Radio One DJ, had her baby girl there at the weekend and called her Renee, awwwww! Speaking of baby names Jamie Olivers wife Jools is pregnant again with their fourth child. Their other children are called, Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey, Petal Blossom Rainbow? Wonder what the next little one might will be called?

If your pregnant or just have recently had a baby here are a few tips on how to cope with the hormones:

  • Go with the flow and take regular 'time-outs' to relax

  • Talk to someone about how you feel whether it be your partner or mum

  • Don't get too stressed out there is always someone who knows who you feel and is willing to help

  • Make sure you eat a healthy diet to keep you in tip top condition